About Me

My name is Kelly. I am married to Craig-my co-creator, mother(to my 2 amazing children), creator(at S&G Insprations).

I was born and raised in Northern Virginia. I come from a very large family with southern roots. I, along with my brother and sister, was raised by my father. I studied Psychology at Mary Washington University(now UMW) in Fredericksburg Virginia, where I now reside. After college I worked at a secondary school as a teacher assistant with  emotionally disturbed children. I then went into the child care field. I worked as an Assistant Center Director and Center Director. Currently, I am a Work-at Home Mom of two:) 

My husband, Craig, is a Special Education Teacher...one of the best there is:) He is also a creator...he prefers wood over fabric though;)


I spend the bulk of my day chasing my handsome, charming, humongous 2.5 year old son, Gage. He is all boy...very "rough and tumble", but he also has a very sweet, caring side and he is VERY smart.

Contact me:
SNGInspirations@ gmail.com